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friggin hilarious! Weird Al is the man.
nice work.


I liked the concept, though it was very short. Sorry to say... but your animation is lacking, try looking up tutorials on human form and proportion, as well as clothing. You may also want to brush up on your sniping tactics, you've got to be an idiot to light a fire if you're trying to stay concealed (your camoflauge needs work too) try illustrating ghillie suits and so forth, and your gun design is appauling, you need to seriously examine fire arms and ballistics, and your scope scene was terreble. it was 4 lines, a black template with a circle with alpha around 20 should be suitable... also, when sniping, the best position for sniping is prone, however others will work... your kneeling position... was not. try buying the marine corps or US army sniping handbook... it will teach you alot, and back to the scope... the propper position for the eye would be 3-3 1/4 inches away from the lense... not directly on it. sorry mate, had to point those things out.


That was amazing. A rich fulfilling lesson in anime, and hot bare breasted women being attacked by tenticals...
I tip my hat to you sir.

Im also pleasantly suprised that you didnt have alot of fanboy/girl animes and mangas in there, very good. There were so many left out... however, I suppose if you put ALL the great J-toons in this flash would be far too long to watch.

Im looking forward to more submissions like this one.


its awesome!!!!

"you broke the window again!"
"dont worry, ill just tell dad it was you"
"but i didn't do it"


this rocks... plain and simple... its fuckin great!

vote 5 or i will eat your first born child

timlikescookies responds:

humor: 10

It was funny???

o yea... the cubes... lol


and cracker is a total and complete newb with no room to talk

although bazzatron has a point about one thing

it does belong in alphas...
but bazz... where the hell do you get off calling a lvl 9 a newb, your lvl 3 for christs sake!!! the only thing you even have is favorite flash content... you probably dont even know how to work macromedia... dumbass... okay, im done with my rant, back to the review...
the graphics rock.
its got... a story line... kinda... i think, i didnt quite get it entirly
im looking forward to the final cut.

GoreAddict responds:

It does have a story line. It will be explained in the second episode since a lot of people didn't get ep.1 ... (It was hard to understand tho) lol


submarines are good... and do have some sort of vitamin-ish-ee-things..................................


XychoJack responds:

It's only the toffee flavoured ones that have the most vitamins. ;)


vote 5 or the world will explode

Bogswallop responds:

Thank you. Merry Christmas ;)

if sega and nintendo had sex,

well... you can see where im going with this

your mom

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