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Hey, I've been keeping up with the "FPS in real life" series. I've played them all. This is an improvment from your last 3 however it has its flaws.
Great concept, seen it before, but it doesnt get old.

Here come my greivences.

1) There's no health bar or ammo meter, it's not hard to make them. You've accomplished these flashes, I'm sure you can tackle that.
2) LIGHTING!!! I personally am an amature film maker, proper lighting is a MUST! The jump from dark to light takes away from the game. I suggest adjusting the exposure on your camera.
3) You re-use characters too much. Gather alot of people for these projects, or at least have them change shirts.
4) Your guns! Airsoft guns are a great prop, BUT! Paint or electrical tape over the orange tip. Also, in the very beginning it says "Picked up extra D. Eagle". That gun is not a Desert Eagle, it looked more like a Colt 226, or 9mm. to me.
5) Script. From what I've seen, it looks like you're improving. A short script with planned dialogue wouldnt kill you.

Thus ending my rant I have one thing to say, I like these game/interactive videos, but they do need some fine tuning


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sequal eh?

I DEMAND IT! HA! now there's a demand for a sequal, thus... you must make one, get to work... chop chop!
great game, keep up the good work

Saint-kilich responds:

yessir, nothing like a little motivation, eh?


WoW, nuff said.


You sir, are one twisted fuck!!!! THAT GAME WAS INCREDIBLE!!!
I couldn't leave my seat, and I nearly pissed myself!
How do you sleep at night knowing you can make people soil themselves (hehe, i read the reviews)... if I were you, i'd sleep quite contently. But, oh. Your. God. T_T that was possibly the scariest flash game I've ever been addicted to. I'm hoping for an Exmortis3. Don't let us down.
*mad props* ^_^

YAY! games for learning

Although a score keeper would be nice, and the ability to lose. Or... Maybe you can die and i just type well... Either or, I like it. More people on NG should play it... I've seen some bad grammer in almost all reviews.

Dude, i hate you

This game sucks, hardcore style... As do your other two, which I'm almost positive; were ripped off and cheated into NG. If your going to keep this crap up, your going to have your account deleted. Tom doesnt seem to like it when people waste his time and website space on stolen games (and little puzzles that i wont even put in the same catagory as a game). Since you obviously know how to rip-off and steal flashes, don't you think its about time you learn to MAKE THEM?

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this is bs

the rating system must have a flaw.... all it does is shrink and grow a square... try using spacebar? for what?!?! thats ALL it does! this is worse than a waste of time, its a waste of perfectly good bandwith space

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did it

it took me a few tries, but i beat it... great game!

good stuff

i wasnt expecting the ghosts, the 1st one made me jump a bit...
great game!

invaders... niiiiiiice

i completly lost track of time playing this...
high score 18,000 somethin, possibly more, the 18 just caught my eye then it went to title page...
great work

samUK2005 responds:

:) cool, thanks!

your mom

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